Sunday, August 1, 2010

Break time

I had to take a little break from reading "The Shack". I know right? I just started. I only made it a few chapters until we hear about the disappearance of the main characters daughter....oh my! I had to stop and take a break. Th author does a really good job of describing emotions...a little too good. I can't imagine anything happening to Inara like that. Much like the character in the book, I would be a mess. I have never loved another person the way I love her. I love Justin very differently than her, but not less at all. She cries, poops, pees, and smiles, but she does NOT love me back yet, still I love her so much!

I never thought being a parent would make me think of God so much more. BUT IT DOES! The way I love chose to love Inara, is a picture (even if it is a dull one) of the way our Father loves us. The more I love Inara, the more I see Christ and love him is a very weird and wonderful thing. So anyways...I took a break and it found me here. Here are some sweet Inara pics :)

She was trying to eat the camera

Eating blueberries for the 1st time :) She really liked it

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