Monday, August 23, 2010

9 months old!

I can't believe my little baby is getting so big...well technically not big, but old. She had her 9 month Well Child Check-up. Justin and I were taking bets on how much she would weigh. We both guessed around 15 pounds...wrong

14 lbs 13 oz!

I'll have to admit, it was the 1st time I was kind of sad about her weight...or lack there of. She is just SO tiny :) But her Pedi. isn't concerned, so I won't be either. She is in the 7th percentile for weight, 5th percentile for length, and 25th percentile for head size. So basically she's an itty bitty babe, with a big 'ole head! It's ok. We still love her.

Her visit went well, but I was once again reminded of her "premieness". Its kind of hard to remember she is a premie, because she is doing so well now and essentially no problems. She is doing good in all her development except language skills/communication. She is REALLY far behind, to the point that our pedi, is pretty concerned. Basically she makes noises, but not the "ba", "ma", da" noises. By this point she should be babbling along and combining to start saying "baba", "mama","dada". She gave us somethings to do with her at home, but if anyone else has any educated suggestions, I am open.

I am actually doing pretty good with her developmental delay. With my recent emotional roller-coaster, this news hasn't bothered me. Yes its a bummer she made need some speech therapy, but other than that...I think I am doing ok. I have good days and bad days too. Today is a good day. 

The message at my church this Sunday was about God's Will and it was SUPER helpful.  I need to focus on the right now and not worry about the future. And right now this is what is true:

1. Jesus died for my sins and my BIGGEST problem has been taken care of
2. I have a close intimate relationship with God that CANNOT be taken from me
3. I delivered a baby who brings us so much joy


  1. Lauren,

    If you want, I'd be happy to show you some things to do with her! I have limited experience working with babies, but I worked with an almost completely nonverbal 2 year old, so I think some of the things we did together would work! Maybe when the boys are playing video games?? :)

  2. ooo that would be wonderful...and I am sure they won't pass an opportunity to play some SC2!


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