Saturday, July 24, 2010

Red Plate Poem

Ok so at a bridal shower for a friend last year I gave a red plate with the following attached poem. I have had a few people ask for it, and I wanted to use it again, so here is the poem. It is a little cheesy, but it explains it better than I could. You can also go here to find the story of it, but not in poem form. I like the poem better. Any ways, I like to give it with a little notebook, so the new family can record the uses of the "Red Plate". It was REALLY hard to find the poem, so I figured I would title my blog post "Red Plate Poem", in hopes that Google will bring my blog up in the search to help others.  You are are really fancy and plan ahead you can order this plate. It is more expensive though. I really like to get stuff off of the registry because I know that is what they really need. The Red Plate is sort of a bonus gift.  Any way, here is the poem and some pictures.

This gift is a tradition for you to start,
a gift of love, straight from the heart.
On days that are special that you'll want to recall,
set out the red plate to celebrate it all.
Honor the person and their great feat, 
on this special plate, let them joyously eat.
It may be birthday, promotion, good grade,
little league win, or a wise choice that was made.
May your years together as Husband and Wife,
bring you countless special days throughout your life.

Just a simple red plate

I include a little notebook so they can record their special events.


  1. I'm totally stealing this idea for a friend's wedding gift. :)

  2. I am going to use this as well! Love it! Thanks Lauren


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