Saturday, February 20, 2010


It seems all my weeks are crazy now! But I guess that is what happens when you have a child. So car stuff... great news: the insurance is going to pay to total our car out. YAY! They also are paying for a rental until we get our check. I picked up the car Friday, but found out WE (not the insurance company) have to pay $20/day for insurance. So that is kind of a bummer/expensive. We kept the car for the weekend but I think we will probably turn it back in soon. Luckily I can drive my Dad's car to work when he watches our little lady. Also we have had people offer us their car should the need arise.

So I started work this week. I thought it would be hard, but turns out it hasn't been. What a blessing! It really helps I only work 2 days a week and only for a few hours each day. I couldn't ask for a better set up. God really hooked me up with this sweet job. Plus it gives my Dad and my friend Katie to get to spend time with her too.

She is so great! She had a nurse come visit today and she weighs 9lbs 3oz. We measured how long she is and she is 22 inches. She is so big and chunky now...I love it! Yesterday was her 3 month birthday. I will put up pics soon. I am taking a bunch right now in different outfits. It's torture for her (because she hates being changed), but lovely for me (because she is so stinkin cute).

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  1. She is doing so good! Ajax weighed 9lbs and 9oz at his 3 month check up and he was right on time (although on the small side for a full-term baby)!


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