Monday, December 7, 2009

Beautiful girl!

Wow, a lot has happened! Thursday and Friday I noticed that Inara was sucking her pacifier more, so I asked the nurse when they would try to feed her through the bottle. The nurse said she is too young to try, and there is no need to rush. She will show she is ready by REALLY sucking on her pacifier and doing it consistently. I talked to my friend Jessica who works in the RCNIC at CCHMC and she assured me that is what they do there also. She said they normally don't even try to offer a bottle until the baby is 34 weeks (which Inara was only 33 weeks and 2 days on Friday). I was sad, because I just really want her to come home. But I knew it was best for her to come home on God's timing than on my timing.

The next morning Justin and I went to see her, and to our surprise the nurse said she has taken 2 bottles and did great! It was crazy. So I watched the nurse feed her Saturday because I am just so scared of Inara. She is so tiny! Sunday when we went to see her I got to feed her for the 1st time! I was so nervous and tense, but it was also SO wonderful!

Also on Friday I was reading my chart from Good Samaritan Hospital and found something that was scary, but so reassuring of God's awesomeness too! Apparently when Inara was born she was described as "apneic, blue, and floppy". I kept reading to find out, she wasn't breathing and had no sustainable heart beat! They had to do CPR, intubate her, and even give her medicine to make her heart start working. I was so shocked and scared. But they I kept reading. 10 minutes after she was born (essentially not alive) she pulled her tube out, and has been fine ever since! WOW praise God huh? How wonderful is He that she has been fine ever since and has NO medical problems thus far! It is crazy how powerful he is. I am praying in the midst of this, that I remember God isn't good ONLY because of how he is continuing to save/grow her. Should something go wrong, God will still be good, faithful, and awesome!

Keep reading for more good news! It is crazy that it just doesn't seem to stop! Today I went to see my little girl, only to find her NG tube was out and her Oxygen was off! NO WAY! It was so wonderful to see her beautiful face tube free for the 1st time! I couldn't stop staring at her!

I know its a long post, but it is hard to keep up with all the work God is doing in her/our life. There is so much more he is doing. I feel like John when he says at the end of his account of Jesus' life "Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written".


  1. Wow! Look how wonderful Inara looks in that last picture!

  2. yeah! She looks so beautiful! Annie was apneic and blue and floppy but she didn't need to be intubated thank goodness you didn't see that report until over 2 weeks after and knowing that she is doing so well! PTL!

  3. Wow - Lauren I just love reading all these progress reports and seeing not only how God is so faithful and loving, but how you are displaying His faithfulness for everyone to read. God is so good, and may little Inara's birth lead someone to Christ. What a blessing she is! :)

  4. The little smarty is advanced already! I bet it was great to see actually looks like : 0 )

  5. Wow Lauren she is really growing! She is adorable. I'm so glad to hear about everything God is doing.


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