Monday, September 2, 2013

7 Months

Favorite moments: Seeing how he already loves Inara so much. She's such a wonderful big sister sometimes I tear up a little when they laugh at each other
Least favorite moments: Cloth diapering...but we are done! (More on that later), officially done nursing
Milestones: Sitting up unsupported. Crawling a few inches.
Likes: The Ergo, splashing in the bath, Inara, Me (he is quite the Mamma's boy), being loud, eating
Dislikes: when there is no more food in the container, when someone walks away from him

Of course Inara wanted to join. She proceeded to kick him to push him over...
and he loved it. She can do no wrong :)

"Mom! I'm done with my photoshoot!"

I seriously can't believe how fast these 7 months have flown by.  When people see Shepherd and say how big is...I get a little sad.  I just can't imagine our life without him, and each month is sweeter than the one before.  He's so crazy and wild, and I know once he is officially on the move...we are in trouble! He's so different from Inara. He is loud, likes to bang on things, loves to eat, and is a mess at all times.  But he also has a sweet side. He loves his momma (and all ladies) smiles when Justin or I come into the room, and likes to snuggle. But his favorite person of all time is definitely Inara. She just looks at him and he smiles/laughs while the rest of us have to work a little harder for a giggle.  She can do no wrong in his eyes and even when she takes toys from him or sits on him...he loves it.  Its really sweet and I am treasuring all these little moments because I know in a few years (or months?) they probably won't be as fond of each other. Love you so much buddy!


  1. I CANNOT believe that he is 7 months old already!

    1. I know! True Story...when I read your comment, I thought "You know, maybe I'm wrong and he's not really 7 months old...let me do the math". Sure enough... he is :( Its so exciting and sad at the same time!


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