Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Smarty Pants

Dear Inara,

Girlie, you are one smart cookie.  You question everything and then remember the answer, so you are always learning new things.  You are really interested in God being 3 people (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit). You are always asking how to sign words or asking how to say it in Spanish.  You are super observant too, which even adds more knowledge for you to remember.  When we go a different way to church or the mall, you'll ask "Mom, why are you going this way? This isn't how we get to ____".  Speaking of driving, you are already quite a backseat driver.  You make sure we are strapped in and that both hands are on the steering wheel. :)

I know every parent thinks their kid is smart, but I am sure you have a special quality in your memory.  You seem to have a gift with music too.  You hum the tune to a song you have only heard one time.  We have heard you bang on objects to the beat of the music.  And you often change 1 word of the song to make it silly :)  Dad and you often have dance parties.  He has seen how having music on changes your mood and really brightens your day.

I am super excited to see how God will use all the ways he has gifted you.  I hope you'll never stop questioning about Heaven, Jesus, and this wonderful world he has created.  I pray you will always remember what makes you beautiful is not the dresses you wear, but rather how your beauty can shine from inside.  I hope you will be able to observe your Daddy and I try hard to love Jesus and how we respond when we fail.

Baby girl.  I know you will continue to roll your eyes when I call you my "baby". One day when you have kiddos of your own, you will finally understand how you will always be my baby. Today we made a deal and I intend to hold you to your side.  We agreed I would still hold you when you get older :)  I love you so much.  Your genuine concern for others is so encouraging and beautiful.  I am so blessed to be your mommy.

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