Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Oh Inara!

The other day we went to Smale Park in downtown. It was super fun and Inara LOVED it.  We were packing up and changing clothes, when I realized I forgot to pack Inara's undies.  Not a huge deal because she wasn't wearing a dress.  So we loaded up the kiddos and went to Johnny Rockets for dinner. Inara was riding in the stroller without shoes and didn't want to put them on before going into the restaurant. Our conversation went a little like this:

Inara: I don't want to wear my shoes mom
Me: I know Inara, but those are the rules. You have to wear shoes in the restaurant
*Paused, put on shoes and then continued*
Inara:  Do we have to wear underwear in the restaurant?

*The next time we went, we didn't learn our lesson and forgot the undies AGAIN!*

"Mom, did you know that Wall-e's directive is to clean up earth? And I think Eve's directive is to find the plant"

"I like Ariel and Rapunzel. I like Rapunzel because she is brave and I like Ariel because she has red hair."

After spending the day at Kind's Island "Ummm, I think the haunted house was my favorite ride.  I was SUUUUUPER brave and that's why its my favorite"

Inara: Momma, when the Bride and Groom get married, how does the baby get in her belly?
Me: Uh...er..um God blesses them with a baby!
Inara: I know THAT...but how does the baby get IN the belly. And how does the baby get out of the belly at the hospital?

She's been calling me "Sir" a lot lately and I wasn't really sure why. Then one day during nap time I heard her singing 'I'm in the Lord's army, yes sir!"


  1. it's great that you are recording these things, because believe it or not, some day you won't remember them and you'll have this record!

    1. I feel like I already have forgotten so much, so I am glad to have it with me! :)


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