Friday, March 15, 2013

First Visitors

Things have been a little crazy around here (feeding a starving baby every 3 hours and a busy toddler) and I realized I didn't get to post many any pictures that we took at the hospital and the visitors we had.  So here they are. He has changed so much already! :(

Inara holding Shepherd for the first time

Kissing him

Mawmaw time

She really loved him right away

Uncle Ben

Getting ready to go home

Catching a quick snooze while he was getting some tests
Wow look at all those pictures again I am so surprised/sad because of how different he already baby is growing up! :(

Inara has some pretty hilarious and sweet things to say about her baby brother :)

The first time my parents showed her his picture before they came to see us she said "Awe! Picture perfect!"

While at the hospital, my parents took Inara to the cafeteria. She didn't eat much and apparently kept saying "I wanna see my baby!"

She also told my parents that when Shepherd was sad, she would give him Big One so he could suck on his tag. (This is a big deal because he is her best friend)

I also caught her telling him "Hi, I'm your family".

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