Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2 months!

 I feel like I just did a 1 month post on Shepherd! How can it be that my baby 2 months have passed since he joined our family?  I get really sad thinking about going back to work (even though I am super excited for my new job) in 4 weeks. I want to stay home with both of my babies! :)

Weight: 12 lbs
Length: 24 inches
Favorite moments: I really am enjoying nursing him. Sometimes we just have sweet little moments...we just look at each other and smile. Its so sweet having him smile and coo at us!
Least favorite moments: None this month!
Milestones: Sleeping more through the night! (5-8 hours)  Playing with his toys
It is kind of funny that he is in the 75 percentile for height and weight...and Inara had never really even been on the growth chart at all :)

He is having more awake time and actually started "playing" with some toys on his play mat and his bouncy seat. It also seems he has just discovered his hands and he has continued to imitate our faces.  He is super snuggly and prefers to be held all the time.  Even though he appears to be a mamma's boy, he is able to play by himself for awhile.  He love, love, LOVES to be warm.  When holding him he will try to bury his face, basically in your arm pit to get warm.  He sleeps super soundly in his car seat because he is warm and cozy, and if you put him in the sun...instant happy baby. I am pretty sure he would never wake up if we kept his room like 90 degrees.  He is like his mamma it seems!

He is such a sweet baby and loves to be snuggled.  He is so sweet and social already.  He will cry if we leave him in a room by himself and often just sitting next to him helps him calm sweet baby just doesn't want to be by himself.  And it appears he has a little girl-friend already :)  My friend's daughter Marley is pretty much obsessed with him...its so sweet!  His favorite thing is to be swaddled and in the swing. He could sleep for hours there.  It makes it hard to have him sleep in his crib because he will only sleep for like 45 minutes in his crib...something we are working on.

I just love our little guy so much!

I thought I would take some pictures after a bath and he would be super happy
It quickly changed...

to super cranky!


Ahhh! Happy now with my bippy :)

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