Friday, January 25, 2013

40 weeks!

40 weeks: Today is my due date and there is no baby :(  Come on buddy! We can't wait to meet you! :)But we are continuing to wait on the Lord and his perfect timing.

Cravings: Last week I was craving a really delicious fancy cupcake. Today I want to eat EVERYTHING!

What Inara is saying: I think she is getting just as impatient as we are. She has been asking a lot about when he is multiple times a day. I wish I knew girl :)

Weight gain: 33 lbs

My growing belly from 9 week to 39 weeks!

Things to remember: Seeing Inara play with a friends baby was so sweet an precious and made me so excited to see them together.  I am being constantly reminded that even with lots of different labor "signs" I can't trust them. I can only trust in the Lord.

High Risk: 1 more NST left on Monday and 1 more day of work!  My last day of work is Sunday which also is a full moon. I am hoping between the walking for 12 hours and full moon I can get this baby out. This week started with some excitement. Sunday, in the middle of my night shift, I left work early and in 6 hours I had 3 NSTs, 2 maternity triage visits, 1 ultrasound, labs, and lots of BP checks.  Long story short, all is still VERY well with me and with Shep as we anxiously wait beg for his arrival :) A little perk for all my effort is I getting a couple fun pics at my u/s.

And I just want to take a minute to give a huge shout out to my OB group Tri-state Maternal Fetal Medicine Associates.  They are simply the best! It makes me sad they are a "high risk" OB practice because I seriously would recommend them to everyone I know.  They originally suggested I could have a VBAC (shocking, considering most OB practices won't do them), when I opted for a planned c/s they completely supported me. Then when I changed my mind at the last minute, they have all be nothing but completely wonderful.  They continue to give me the option for a c/s, but it is never forced as they also are encouraging me wait (even if I don't want to!) to give me the best chance at a successful VBAC by going into labor on my own.

I have called multiple times in the middle of the night and the on-call physician is always very polite and takes me complaints/concerns seriously.  They all have wonderful bedside manor and I honestly think I might be sad I don't have weekly appointments and don't get to see them  :) I do not enjoy male OB doctors (for obvious reasons), but 2 of my 3 favorite in the practice are male. I am pretty sure 5 of the 8 OB docs from the practice were rated "Top Maternal-Fetal Medicine" docs in the city.  I am super sad they don't do GYN because I would switch in a nanosecond.  So the point is, if you are anyone you know is considered high risk (diabetes, carrying multiples, preeclampsia etc) you/they should definitely switch practices and see this group. *Stepping off soap box*

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  1. It's getting so close! I love the belly progression. You look adorable.


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