Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love always protects

Love always protects

Verse- Genesis 22:1-18- We read the story out of the Jesus Storybook Bible. Which if you have a toddler this is a really good toddler bible to have

Apply-I showed Inara that when Isaac obeyed his Dad, and Abraham obeyed his Dad (God) they were protected. Even when they didn't understand and were afraid, they trusted God and God protected them because he loved them.  When we trust in what Jesus did on the Cross by dying for our sins and obey him, we are protected from God's wrath and get to experience his perfect love. We also told her that she needs to obey mommy and daddy even if she doesn't understand because we love her and will protect her.

Craft- We just decorated a little wooden cross with some yarn. She wasn't interested in much because she is feeling a bit under the weather. But we still had a little bit of fun

This picture was taken mid "cheese"
Also we are a few days behind, but we can catch up on the next few days because thursday is our family valentine's day party!

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