Thursday, December 22, 2011

Broken heart

Dear Inara, today is the first (and I'm sure not the last), you broke my heart. I am writing you this letter now with a sad heart, so one day when you are older you will remember that love is a choice...we choose to love you, even when it is hard. Please know that when you have your own kids, Lord willing.  They will break your heart too, it will hurt a lot, but you can choose to continue loving them.  I will choose to love you even though its hard and it hurts, because God has let us borrow you for a little while and He has asked us to love you and care for you.  You see, God's love is constant, perfect, and never changing.  Even when we sin against God, his love is always there through Jesus. He is the example of the perfect parent, and we want to be parents that glorify God and show you how great He is. I love you, Inara. I will ALWAYS love you.

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