Friday, November 18, 2011


Ok, I am so, so, SOOO excited! I never get picked for anything...ANYTHING, but now I have. I have been chosen by Amanda at to review her new ebook "Truth in the Tinsel". I am beyond excited. I first stumbled onto her blog in October when she did a series called "31 days to impress your kids". Each day she posted a way to impress Christ in the heart of your little one. It was super great.

So this week when she posted her ebook coming out, I was pumped. She wanted to have 20 bloggers review her book, then post about it on black friday. I emailed her, even though I figured I wouldn't get picked. I mean, I am NO professional blogger and I totally would understand her wanting people with a little more influence to read/write about her book.  So today when I got her super sweet email telling me I could review it, I did a little dance in my living room was excited!

So be on the look out for my review Black will give you something to read while you are waiting in long checkout lines. I am so excited...yay!

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