Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thankfulness Day 29

Today I am thankful for Gods provision. This morning I got into a very mild fender bender. But thankfully I wasn't injured, the other driver was OK, and so were our cars. We really can't afford to get in a wreck, and the other driver was on her way to take her aunt to tradition, so I am sure she was thankful too. We bumped each other, got out, looked at our cars, not even paint was chipped on our cars, got back in our cars, and went on our merry way.  I am thankful God was looking out for both of us.

Then I called Children's hospital to inquire about a new random bill we received. We currently are on a payment plan to pay for Inara's surgery in march. We keep paying our monthly payment, but instead of what we owe going down....it is increasing. Radiology visits, an er visit, and ortho follow up appointments make it really hard to make any progress. So when I got a new bill, I was kind of stressed. So I called them and they actually added all our little bills to our current bill, we have 2 extra weeks to make a payment now, and our payment only went up $1 a month. It may not seem like a big deal, but its just one more example of God reminding me that he is in control. And to remind me of the greater debt he paid for me on the cross. I am not happy that we will have been paying children's hospital from the time Inara was born until likely after her 3rd birthday, and while I AM so thankful for modern medicine and insurance, I am more thankful that being in "debt" is a reminder of my eternal debt that was paid by Christ....and that gives me great joy.

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