Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Letter

Exactly 2 years ago at this very moment my beautiful, miracle, 3lb baby girl was born. My life has never been the same...

Dear baby girl! I know you are 2 years old now, but you are still my baby girl. One day you will understand what I mean when you have a kiddo of your own. This past year has been so fun with you. You have learned to walk, talk, and even pray :)

You talk so much! You repeat everything we say and people often are saying how you are so tiny, but talk so much. I know every parent is proud of their kid, but rock :) You learn so quickly and remember things instantly. The other day you remember my favorite song, and you have learned to unlock Dad's ipad after only seeing it done once! This quality makes teaching you about Jesus really fun! We have been going through the story of creation together and you are learning the story well! You color while we both listen to the story of creation from an audio bible. Its amazing to hear you say "good" when referring to what God created. I pray you will grow up learning that God is good and everything he does is good too.

You are also definitely asserting your will and needing more discipline, correction, and training. Some days its hard and I feel exhausted but I always try to remind you that even though you sin and need discipline (sometimes lots of it) God still loves you and so do Mommy and Daddy. And ya know are learning! Its amazing to see you reach for something you can't have, stop with your hand hovering over it, then exercise self-control and obey! What a joy to see the fruits of doing things God's way :) I pray you will continue to learn that life is sweeter and full of much joy when you submit and obey the Lord.

While you do need discipline from time to time, you are very much a rule follower. We try to break the rules every once in a while with you, but you don't want to! We try to have a snack on the couch and watch a show, but you insist on sitting in your highchair. The baby gate MUST be closed at all times, and everything has to be in its place. We joke that you are our little ocd kiddo :) While I am thankful you like to clean up, I do pray you will learn that being "good" is never good enough. That you can't earn your way to heaven by following the rules, and your ONLY hope is found on the Cross.

You are so fun too. Its sweet to see you take care of your friend Marley without even being asked. When we play you often make sure she has a toy too. And If we are eating, you will share your own food with your friend. You get concerned when she is sad, and have even tell her "no, no Marley Kate" when she touches something she isn't allowed to. I am trying to show you how to tell her "no" but still be loving and kind. I pray your friendship with her grows and you will have an amazing relationship with her as you grow up.  As you get older, when you see her sinning you will love her enough to still say "no, no Marley Kate". And I pray she will do the same for you.

I can't believe you are 2! My life has so much joy and God is teaching me so much about myself and His goodness through you. Its so amazing to be your mommy and I seriously feel so blessed I get to spend the rest of my life (Lord willing) loving and teaching you!

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