Monday, October 24, 2011

Picture time

Notice my new header? The pics are from our latest family shoot with Everleigh Photography. I bought a groupon type thingy for them..and we LOVE them!

We started out the shoot and Inara was already sad because we accidentally told her we were going to a park...oops! So we thought we would bring a little bribery to the shoot. Because I am not ashamed to bribe my kiddo to get a good picture. So we brought her favorite snack that we NEVER buy because its like kiddie crack. She loves the Gerber fruit/veggie melts and calls them "circles" because...well they are shaped like circles.So that kind of backfired and she spent the WHOLE shoot kicking, fussing, and begging for "circles".

I wasn't that upset though. We bought our package on groupon and only spent like $30, so it wasn't that big of a deal if it went down the drain.  I was hoping for at least maybe 1 or 2, but I seriously had my doubts.

Then Christen posted a teaser picture on Facebook and I was blown away:

Not only was Inara not kicking in this picture, she actually looks like the sweet little girl we live with! After seeing this picture I was hopeful that maybe there were a few others that wouldn't be terrible. So I was anxiously awaiting the CD to arrive in the mail with the rest of the images. So one day when I knew the pictures would be coming, I heard the mailman drive by. I literally ran to the mailbox to get them. Luckily Inara was sleeping and I was able to look at them right away!

I seriously was so impressed! It was obvious that she was a professional photographer and we were not. She saw (and captured) good pictures the whole time even when it felt like it was a disaster. I really couldn't believe my eyes when there was not one good shot, but MANY! YAY :) Justin and I both said we totally would have paid full price for our pics. And that my friends is saying a lot because we are 2 cheap people.

Ok so here's the deal. I am going to host a little giveaway for Everleigh Photography.  I'll be giving a way a 20% discount for a shoot.  You can enter up to 3 times, and here's how you do it:

1. Follow my blog and leave a comment telling me have been, or are now following.

2. In the comment section tell me your horrible (or great) photography experience

3. Go to Everleigh Photography website and leave a comment here about what type of session you would like to book if you win

Giveaway ends Thursday at 9pm. Good luck!


  1. Hey I love the new header! And all your family pictures!

  2. Wow - those pictures turned out so nice! I can't wait to do ours! I've been waiting for a good time to have the whole entire family - so... might be a while. Yours are beautiful!


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