Monday, October 17, 2011

Grocery goals!

So each week I have been seeing my grocery bill go up and the money we spend eating out go up too.  Not a good thing. Then via pinterest (because pinterest is awesome!) I found this blog series: 31 Days to a Better Grocery Budget

A lot of the stuff I already did, but she had some good points that really did change how I see grocery shopping. It's not how much you save, its how much you spend. I mean duh right? But I think I would get excited about getting stuff for cheap, I wouldn't care that I was going over my budget because I was getting ______ for ___% off. Set a budget and stick to it. So I NEVER did this. I would say I only spend $50/week, but yeah right. It was more like $60-75 which is a lot when we are eating out too. Use cash only. So this I have NEVER done because we like to use our credit card to get frequent flyer miles.  I knew I wasn't going use cash, but I could still take my calculator and ONLY spend what was budgeted.  Take baby steps This was really helpful, when you are trying to make any change I think its so helpful to take it slow. Since I was used to spending about $70, my first goal was to spend $60.

It went great! I stuck to my budget, calculated the costs of items as I went through the store, and stuck to my budget! I actually only spent $47! I got everything on my list, bought some other stuff we wanted but didn't need, AND bought some stuff for my stockpile! I ended of saving 43%, I would recommend checking out the blog series, it was great! 

I need to remind my self, the point isn't just to save money and get some free items...its to be a good steward of the money that God has given us to use.  By being a good steward we can pay more on our debt and give more too! So how are you doing? Are you being a good steward with what God has given you?

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