Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wearing me out...

Phew...Inara has been quite a handful lately. She is SO full of energy and it sometimes hard to keep her from not going completely insane. And I can see glimpses of her stubborn personality. Gee I wonder where she gets that huh?  I haven't had time to blog much because its getting hard to keep up with her. Sometimes she IS disobedient, but other times its like she is so CRAZY she can't stop to listen to obey.  But then it seems like as soon as I've "had it up to here" with her God shows me how loving, kind, and gracious He is. She will come up and snuggle on my lap, start to count, do her ABC's, or give a toy a kiss. It's like "ah, yes...this is my sweet baby".

But instantly when I find relief in her sweet behavior I find myself seeing how short I fall of God's standard and how He really is the best Father of all.  He loves me so perfectly. When I have bad days where I am crazy, disobedient, and cannot hear him calling my name...He is still there. He love me the same. Its because His love is not based on me but what Christ did. I am so thankful it is not based on me, because there is truly nothing loveable about me outside of Him.

So how can I love Inara this way? WHO KNOWS! I will spend my whole life trying to learn to love like him. But I will try and I will ask for His help. I need to remind Inara (and myself) that I love her the same even when she is sins. I will be starting Give Them Grace next week, PERFECT timing.

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