Saturday, May 28, 2011

Proverbs 31...Part 2

In my previous post I wrote about really diving into Proverbs 31.  I really looked at each verse and how I could apply God's word to my life and home.  Its all practical stuff for me and I'll explain some more stuff at the end, but here is the breakdown:

Verse 10-12- Put God 1st, THEN I'll be able to be precious, valuable, and good wife. I can do this best by meeting with God first thing in the morning

Verse 13- I cannot work eagerly when I play "catch up" with my time. I need to wake up at 7am, spend time with the LORD, shower, and eat breakfast.  By doing these things before Inara wakes up I can work eagerly during her independent play time and nap.

Verse 14 & 15- I can't provide the best foods for our family if I am not disciplined to make a meal plan

Verse 16- I need to be a good steward of our finances at the grocery by meal planning and being disciplined to only buy on my list.

Verse 17- I will not have stamina and endurance for my "tasks" if I don't treat my body well. I need to set a bedtime (and follow it), eat better, and go to the gym.

Verse 18- When Inara's day is over, mine is not by default. I need to be disciplined and continue to work. I will gain freedom by not be so overwhelmed during the day.

Verse 19- Commit to doing my work for the Lord.

Verse 20- Continue in being generous with my time/money towards those in need, but grow in opening my heart to pray for them too.

Verse 21- Be prepared for the season and keep my family clothed (being discipline and planning to know my families needs).

Verse 24- Continue to see my work as a Nurse as a help (not a hinder) to my family.

Verse 25- Do not be anxious or worry about the future by praying, keeping Christ 1st, and planning/being disciplined

Verse 26- To be wise requires the Lord's help (Proverbs 1)

Verse 27- To be disciplined  and not idle required the God's help (Proverbs 1)

Verse 28- Inara and Justin would be blessed. Not because of my work (or how things appear), but because of my love for the Lord.

Verse 31- For my work I will be rewarded in this world and the next.

So I TOTALLY realize that to some, reading this it may sound like I am a nut and am being a little overboard. And I CAN see it going that way, and I am praying I will not make this my idol, but God. This was just a way to really see what Proverbs 31 looks like in my life. Since I will not be perfect this side of Heaven, I will likely be growing in this way until I die! :)  But seriously, so far I have not been setting up new laws for my self and condemning my self when I inevitably fall short. But these are just things I feel like God is showing ME how I can honor him most in my home. And even in the past 24 hours I have not honored God fully with my time. But I am so thankful God's mercies are new every morning!  I don't expect these practical applications to apply to everyone because your family is not my family.  And I want my focus to not be on the task, but on the reason for getting the task accomplished...honoring Christ about all!

Its ok if it doesn't make total sense to everyone. I thought maybe someone might find this little breakdown helpful to begin to work out what being a P31 wife looks like in THEIR home.

What about you bloggers? How do you work out P31 in your home?


  1. Thank you Lauren for this post, I am going to break down the verses myself and figure out how I can apply them to my life too. I too struggle with being a good steward with our money and time. Thanks so much for sharing, and keep us updated on your wins and struggles too.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Lauren! I am SO encouraged!

  3. @Jen, I'll be posting an update soon....wins and struggles.

    @Cory I am blessed God would use me to encourage ANYONE


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