Thursday, February 10, 2011

National Marriage Week

So apparently this week is National Marriage Week. Who declared it? I dunno. BUT I do love being married so I figured I'd blog about it. I normally talk about Inara or my walk with the LORD, but this post is all about my wonderful husband, Justin Brian Duke.

He is such a great man! Sometimes I wonder what I did before we were married?! He keeps me grounded and is definitely the brains of this operation. Whenever I have a "great idea", he is normally there to bring me back down to earth and talk some sense into me. He truly values the work I do at home with Inara. I have not once felt that he thinks being a SAHM is a cop out for actually working. He sees the value in it, and the hard work too. Sure I do nap on occasion at home, but it is usually because he TELLS me to! What a great boss huh?

He takes care of me so well. When I moved out of my parents, I was always thinking..."Geeze, what would I do without my parents". They were always pitching in to help with bills, school, life, and my dad ALWAYS asked about how my car was running. Now, I think "Geeze, what would I do with out my man?" We ARE a team, but there are definitely things I have NOOO idea how to do. Pay bills, cut the grass, anything technological...he's my man! Granted I should be an adult and know how to pay bills. Justin thought so too, so he made me a chart to make sure if something where to happen to him, I wouldn't be lost. How sweet, looking out for me even if he potentially can't be here! He use to suggest I take medicine when I got headaches, but he now brings me medicine because he knows I won't get it on my own because even though I am a nurse I secretly hate medicine.

He is who I talk to all day yet still can't wait until he gets home to see him.  I get sad when I don't get to see him all day (especially on Thursdays because he has meetings and has to work all night), but he does it week after week and doesn't complain. Inara often says "Dadda" at home and I remind her how he is working super hard all day so we can be together and not have to send her to daycare.

Justin Duke is the best husband I could ask for. God has blessed me beyond anything I deserve with such a great partner. He gives to me so richly just as Christ gave His life for the church, and that is what marriage is all about. A "mystery" to show Christ love to us. Thank you Jesus for marriage!

So what about you bloggers? How has God blessed you in marriage?

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  1. Lauren I love to here about others who are also having an awesome marriage. So often those with problematic marriages are more easily heard. While those with great marriages simply smile and say nothing. I also find myself with an awesome husband, who complements me and fills in where I fall short (like with mowing the lawn and technology). I am so blessed by God as well and often wonder how I ever survived without my husband, and partner against the world.


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