Tuesday, January 4, 2011


The past 2 weeks have been very busy. Justin was off work from Christmas Eve (his birthday) until yesterday. It was so fun to have him home all day. We didn't do much, but it was fun to just hang out with him and Inara.

This was Inara's 2nd Christmas. Last year she came home 3 days before Christmas. Because it was the flu season, and she was still so small, we had to keep her in last year. So this year I was really excited to celebrate with her and the rest of my family. Well that was kind of changed because Christmas day she developed EXPLOSIVE diarrhea...it was awful. Luckily she seemed to feel fine, she wasn't throwing up, and neither one of us got sick. We changed her clothes 6 times on Christmas. So we sort of dropped by my parents house in the afternoon, but spend most of the day just chillin at home.

That week, we took Inara to her weight check. She weighed 17lbs even. Still not on the chart. Our doctor would like her to be on the chart, so we continue with pediasure and now we are adding Carnation Instant breakfast to her milk in the morning. I asked the doctor if she could diagnose Inara with Failure To Thrive. I was hoping if she had an official diagnosis then maybe my insurance would pay for her pediasure because...woah is it expensive. But God is taking care of us, well her. My parents bought her last case of it, and a friend from my old work gave me a case of it and said next month she will have another!

The holiday season was different this year, mainly because we barely bought any presents. Sure we could have charged it on a credit card, or drained our savings, but we felt that's not teaching Inara (and our selves) good money management and restraint. It was hard because I just LOVE giving gifts, especially to those I hold most dear in my life. But I know it pleased God for us to trust in him. 2010 was a crazy one. I had 6 unpaid weeks of maternity leave, Justin had to take an unpaid week off work, we have had 4 cars, 3 transmissions, fixed furnace, and other car difficulties. But God had provided so much for us. We have not once missed a bill payment, gone without food, or even not been able to give to others. I hope 2011 I can continue to learn to trust in His plan and Grace!

Here are some pics

Our little climber

So dramatic...I had to capture it!

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