Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Bad Day"

Today Inara had a "bad day". I use this term because well she wasn't a perfect little girl all day. She is generally so happy and friendly, so it is bizarre when she has days like today. I think she woke up from her 1st nap too early and on the "wrong side of the crib". Then it was all down hill from there. She was generally needy, whiny, but at the same time annoyed by me. She didn't eat good, and was hitting my hand away. I let her get away with stuff today, that I normally wouldn't because it seemed obvious she was just in a bad mood. It was good though. I didn't get mad at her for not obeying mom, not eating well, or "ruining" my night. We got out of the house and went to my parents. She LOVES them and she loves my aunt who lives with them too. So she was a little better there. I came home and got her ready for bed. I sat down in her room with her and just rocked with her in the chair for a bit. I reminded her that I love her so much. Even on bad days...even when she isn't fun to be around, even when she doesn't obey. I hope I can end all "bad days" this way. It was so special to just rock her to sleep and remind her of my unconditional love for her...which of course got me thinking ;)

How great is it that God loves us this way. When I have a bad day, am not pleasant, and do not obey....He still loves....perfectly. Being a parent is so great, but being a child of God is even greater!

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