Thursday, August 26, 2010

Does it get any better?

Today Inara fell asleep in my arms...not once, but twice! This NEVER happens, so I definitely took in every bit! Is it just me, or is having your child fall asleep in your arms quite possibly the greatest thing? I submit it must be! Lots of exclamation points because I just love that little girl so much.

I found my self thinking about God a lot today with everything I did with her. This morning she was playing on the ground and kept crawling over to the air vent (which is filthy) and she wanted to eat it. So I would say the following "Inara. Out-of-bounds. Come back please". We did this over and over. She started to get kind of pissed at me and was definitely disobeying me. I gave her a little squeeze on the hand (not to hurt, or discipline) but to get her attention. I said very sternly "Inara. NO". She did not like that and began to cry. I scooped her up and held her. I explained to her that she needs to trust me. I know she doesn't understand my rules, but they are there because I love her. I don't want her to put her mouth on dirty stuff or dangerous stuff. She calmed down and started playing with other toys. BUT WOW. Isn't that what God tells us?! He gives us rules and guidelines because he loves us, NOT because he is some mean, distant, cold God. He gives us rules such as "Have no other God before me", because he loves us and knows we need him more than anything else. How much pain I could have saved my self in high school if I had trusted God's rule of sexual relations in marriage only. How much peace and joy I can have now by trying, with His help, to live a life that pleases Him.

Then later on when Inara was asleep in my arms, I thought to my self  "oh girl, you have NOOO idea how much you are loved". I love that little babe so much, and she has NO clue how much I do. She can't possibly know. And once again, isn't that how it is with God and us? He cares so much for us, and we cannot know bounds of his love, it is so great. Yes, I do know he loves me because Christ showed his love on the cross. But I cannot know the extent of his love, because it is so great and God is so much bigger and better than we are. His love is perfect!

Ah...parenthood. Isn't it the best?


  1. another wonderful post. You have a gift for sharing God's love & truth in relation to your child!

  2. I find myself thinking things like this all the time lately. It's amazing how being a mother has pointed me to the Lord in crazy ways!


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