Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sweet little sinner

So Friday Inara had her 4 month checkup. I CAN'T believe she is already 4 months. Everyone says it flies...and they are right. It was SO sad. She had to get 4 shots. 2 were scheduled, 1 because they forgot to give it to her last time, and 1 new one to keep her from getting RSV. It was just awful! It even made Justin sad. She was crying so hard that no sounds were even coming out. That day she was pretty cranky and got a fever (all normal side effects of the vaccines). They only way she was happy was to be held. We normally don't let her get away with that, but the fact she got 4 shots was a big deal...so we held her all day. luckily though she did sleep in her bed, and 8 hours at that!

The next morning she seemed to be a little happier, but still feverish. By the afternoon she seemed fine so we took her to a wedding...big mistake! She wasn't a happy camper. During the ceremony she was quiet (phew, I didn't want to be "that" family with the crying baby in the middle of a wedding). But she got feverish again and cranky too. And to add on to that, it was pretty loud and people wanted to hold her so she was passed around a lot. We decided to leave pretty early. We figured that if we weren't feeling good, we wouldn't' wanna be there either. The rest of that day and Sunday she seemed to be feeling bad so we rocked with her and held her.

But yesterday, we found out what happens when you hold a baby for 3 days straight...they don't get too happy when you put them down. After her bottle, I would lay her down on the mat to play (because Mom has gotta eat too...ya know?), but she didn't like that too much. So after eating I would play with her for a bit...then nap time. Yeah right! As SOON as she was in her crib..screaming. I let her cry for about 1/2 hour then it got real crazy and loud and screeching. So I went to try to comfort her. It worked...wouldn't you know as SOON as I picked her up she seemed to stop. :) We played this game every feeding. Until she went to bed. (sleeping another 9 hours...yay!)

She really is such a sweetie. She loves to snuggle, is super happy, and I just love her SO much. That being said, I can see the truth in Psalm 51:5. She is only a few months old and already I see this at work. When I first heard some one describe babies using this verse...I was all like "nuhuh! babies are cute and sweet and innocent". It was a sermon by Mark Driscoll. He made a lot of good points and the one that really stuck with me is this. You don't have to teach a child how to break the rules and be bad. They KNOW how to do that. Our job as parents is to teach them NOT to break the rules (among many other things). Seeing Inara in the light how she was sinful from my womb, gives me hope. The fact is, I WAS SINFUL FROM MY MOTHER'S WOMB. BUT GOD, being rich in mercy saved me from my bleak future without him. My hope for Inara's future HAS to be in Christ and not Justin and my awesome parenting skills (which we lack greatly).

Today I think she is back to her "not having to be held every second" self. I just put her down for a nap and she only cried about 5 minutes. :) Hopefully as we train her, we will be equally relying on God's help to save her.

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